Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Hodge Podge of Things

Last night my friend Jenny came over and gave Aiyana a present. It was a horse scooter that plays music and Aiyana just loves it. Here's a video of her trying to ride on it. I'm sure she will eventually figure it out ;o).

My dad came over to visit yesterday and as soon as he walked in the door Aiyana threw her arms up for him to hold her. Here's a videos of him swinging her around.

Last night we had our Third Annual End of Year Spine Unwind Party. This year was the biggest year with around 70 guests. A spine surgeon I work for puts on this party every year for the people who work on the spine team at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

Here's a picture of most of us that work in the operating room, surgeons, physicians, technologists and nurses.

Here's a picture of the neuro spine team. Left to right: Dr. Jarrar, Me, Dr. Williams, Yvette Sabel & Zack Thompson. Mary McKay and Dr. Buchhalter were not present.

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tbsomeday said...

what fun videos...she's figuring out that horsey very quickly!
grandpa's are so much fun :)

very good looking spine team
it's awesome you have such a cool surgeon to put on the party
too bad you are eternally pregnant! (not too bad really)