Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's A Girl!!!

God has blessed us with another baby girl and we couldn't be more excited. Aiyana will have a little sister to grow up with and I hope they become the best of friends. 23 people guessed girl and 19 guessed boy so the majority wins. Dana thought boy and I thought girl up until the day before the ultrasound. Judging from the image of her face, I think that this little girl will look different than Aiyana. Her face looks different than Aiyana's did when I compare their ultrasound images. I cannot wait to see what she really looks like and to hold her in my arms.

Her heart rate was in the 150's

Those that guessed girl: Jeri Timmerman, Alisa Timmerman, Jenny Fairmark, Kelly Craig, Jana Downey, Mechell Blew, Amber Carlin, Lorin Cummings, Alice Barton, Dr. Jarrar, Brenda Hatch, Lorena Frietz, Ashlee Miller, Katie Ahrens, Marry Morris, Valerie Jaramillo, Sasha Saleigo, Emmy Cummings, Nicole Cummings, Grace Tonemah, Tabitha Bartels & Dr. Shindell


tbsomeday said...

i was right, and then wrong and right and wrong and then right again! :)
did you win an ice cream shake over it??
so fun!!
it'll be great she will have her sister so close in age to you can have brothers next...or, all girls...that's a pretty good deal too!!!
now....on to names

Julia said...

HI! I saw your comment on my blog... I am having a girl too!!! Yay for pretty little girls

Torey said...

Isn't it just so amazing how different each child can be. I'm so excited for you.

Lindsey and Adam said...

Congratulations on another sweet little girl! They will have so much fun together!

Ashlee said...

Hooray! And I love your blog! :)