Thursday, August 27, 2009

13 Months and Almost Walking

My baby girl is just about there... she is almost walking. I give it two weeks, but my mom says one week. Tuesday, Aiyana took several steps on her own walking from either Dana to I or me to Dana. She does really well with facing one of us and turning around to face the other one on her own. The hardest part for her is suppressing her excitement enough to concentrate on not falling. She tends to lean towards the person she is walking to. Over the weekend Aiyana stood up in the middle of the floor and started dancing to her music for quite a while, she has done this a couple of times since then.


Amberly said...

that is such a fun time! It's so funny for a while when they get so excited they knock themselves over. congrats, little lady!

tbsomeday said...

those first wobbling steps are so exciting...she'll be a pro in no time