Tuesday, July 28, 2009

She Turns One Tomorrow

Here's a look at Aiyana's first year.

1 Week: You smiled

By 1 Month: You were holding your head up while on your tummy

1 Month: You laughed

1 1/2 Months: You slept through the night... ahhh

1 1/2 Months: You responded to our voice

2 1/2 Months: You started sucking your fingers

2 1/2 Months: You rolled on your side

3 Months: You tried baby food (rice cereal)

3 1/2 Months: You faked a sneeze after you already sneezed twice... it was hilarious.

4 Months: You started saying "ma ma"

4 1/2 Months: You rolled over

4 1/2 Months: You laughed loudly

5 Months: You held a bottle

5 Months: You started mimicking our motions

6 Months: You started bobbing your head to music

7 Months: You said your first word "dog"

7 1/2 Months: You sat unsupported

7 1/2 Months: You said "da da"

8 Months: You started army crawling

9 1/2 Months: You took your first step with help

10 Months: You started crawling

10 Months: Was the first time you got sick

10 Months: You waved bye bye

11 Months: You are climbing the stairs and walking with support


Lindsey and Adam said...

Happy Birthday Aiyana! Time goes by way too fast! I can't believe it's already been a year!

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday to Aiyana, you are adorable.