Friday, July 31, 2009

Aiyana's First Birthday

Happy Birthday Aiyana!!! Aiyana's first birthday was on Wednesday and Dana and I had to work that day, but we made up for it when we got home. After work we showered Aiyana with lots of love, a birthday gift and a yummy princess cupcake. This is a picture of Aiyana before heading to daycare on Wednesday morning. Notice how proudly she is holding the comb I use to do her hair. She likes to take the comb and try to comb her own hair. Aiyana looks like Pebbles most mornings because I use a rubber band to get her long gorgeous hair our of her eyes. That evening we introduced Aiyana to her Kangaroo Climber which she really loves. Her favorite things to do on the climber are open and close the door on the back side and stand at the top, to the right of the slide and laugh at me while I peek my head through the various holes and say "boo" at her. She laughs so hard. She hasn't quite figured out the slide part, but she will get there. For dinner Aiyana devoured some chicken nuggets and for dessert a princess cupcake. She was more interested in squishing the cupcake between her fingers than eating it, though. It was a fun evening. Tomorrow we celebrate with friends and family.


tbsomeday said...

aw--looks like lots of fun!
i love that first pic of her--she looks so happy and girlie!

Sandi said...

I cannot believe how adorable that child is.