Saturday, February 28, 2009

Working on Our Backyard

Today we bought a Navel Orange Tree, a Key Lime Tree, Honeysuckle and some Lemon Marigolds to add to our backyard. Our Washingtonian Palms (pictured at the top right) are struggling, but we think that they will be okay. The Canary Palm (pictured at the bottom left) is doing quite well. Bless Dana's heart... he has been out there slaving away for days digging, digging, digging. Dana just finished putting in the pipes for the sprinkler system and now he is out there digging to plant the new citrus trees. Next week we hope to bring in the rock and then sometime after that we will be laying sod.

The Things Aiyana is Doing

Aiyana will be 7 months old tomorrow and she is getting better at sitting up, but she hasn't quite mastered it yet. This picture was taken last night, right after her bath, but she wasn't sitting for long. A few minutes after I took her picture she leaned back and toppled over. She is so close to figuring it out, though.

10 other things Aiyana is doing...

1.) Rolls all over the room to get to her toys or other interesting objects in the room.

2.) Consistently bobs her head to any sign, sound or hint of music.

3.) Shouts, not coos, baby babble with her brows furrowed at times as if she is really into what she saying to you.

4.) Stands up with her legs straight when you hold her hands, but she hasn't quite figured out how to take a step yet.

5.) Holds herself up to the couch or a chair, but she could fall at any moment so I have to stay behind her.

6.) Twists her arms and hands in a dance like motion and starts whining when she sees or hears me.

7.) Clucks with her tongue to make us laugh.

8.) Makes adorable expressions when she sees her reflection in the mirror. Most of the time she will lift her eyebrows and purse her lips in an "O" shape then laugh at her expression.

9.) Starting to play in her bathtub by kicking her feet to splash the water and wanting to play with her bath toys.

10.) Loves to watch American Idol with me even on a cranky night because she stops crying and listens intently when the contestants start singing.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home After Daycare

Here begins my blogging and I have a funny feeling that this new hobby will be bitter sweet. I tend to be a perfectionist about most things so hopefully I will be able to manage my time well considering I am working full time and when I am not working I spend my time taking care of my beautiful baby girl... who, by the way, is the reason why I started this in the first place. I want her to have some sort of a journal about her life. I guess the fancy baby book full of records and the carefully created photo album just didn't seem like enough when I heard that I could also start keeping an electronic record of all of her milestones. Hopefully my husband will understand when he realizes that I will be neurotic about yet another way of documenting Aiyana's life. Starting this means that there will be dinner one less night out of the week, but I can justify take-out for this... right?

"So... what inspired the photo collage?" you might ask. I went with the most recent pictures I have taken of Aiyana because I already decided that there is no way I can go back and play catch up with the bazillion photos I have taken of her since birth. These pictures are a perfect representation of a day after daycare. You see... my poor baby doesn't sleep at daycare because, I am told, "she thinks that she is one of the big kids". I guess she lays in her crib shouting baby babble to the passers by while rubbing her eyes and fighting off sleep. So I get a very tired and cranky little girl at the end of the day. The picture of her laying under the sofa shows her attempt at being happy after a long day of no sleep. She rolled herself across the floor and appeared to be pretty excited about her accomplishment. The black and white picture is one of her standing against the sofa. I was proud of her for holding herself up, she's pretty sturdy for a six month old. The faded picture is taken within the same five minutes of the other two and, as you can tell, she has already had enough. Oh and can you see the lovely scratch she left on her right cheek while she was at daycare? We are nursing that scratch from three weeks ago. Ahhhh, but the cranky evenings are all over-shadowed by the warm feeling I get when she reaches out to me after a long day at work, squeezes her arms around my neck and squeals that happy squeal that tells me she is excited to see me.